About us

Augurix was born out of the real-life experiences of living with Celiac Disease. In 2004, Cecile – a pediatrician with an MD and PhD in immunology – noticed her 18-month old son Simon exhibiting symptoms of the disease. As a professional and having been diagnosed herself some thirty years earlier, she was able to spot the early warning signs. But Cecile was also acutely aware that despite affecting almost 1 in 100 people, Celiac Disease was difficult to diagnose.

Cecile and her husband Thierry became determined to find a way to change this, giving parents and their children the best chance of an accurate diagnosis and the ability to live their lives free of the often debilitating symptoms. Using Swiss medical expertise Augurix was founded in 2007, with a mission to provide primary care doctors with an easy-to-use, affordable tool, to lower the hurdle of diagnostics.

In 2010 Simtomax® was launched – a rapid screening test for the early determination of Celiac Disease at the point-of-care – finally bringing Cecile’s vision to life. Today, Augurix is pursuing its vision by enlarging its diagnostics offer to other gastrointestinal diseases.