Who is using it?

Simtomax® provides valuable support for a broad range of healthcare professionals.

Primary care and physician practices

Primary care physicians use Simtomax® to rule out Celiac Disease when counseling patients presenting symptoms that could be related to the disease. Thanks to its very high negative predictive value, Simtomax® delivers highly accurate negative results, allowing physicians to move quicker in the diagnostic tree. Simtomax® streamlines this process by eliminating the inconvenience of dealing with an outside laboratory and following up with patients.


Gastroenterologists use Simtomax® on patients referred to them for gastroscopy for other gastrointestinal conditions than Celiac Disease. They perform the test on the patients before the endoscopy takes place; the rapid results allow deciding on the need to specifically sample a duodenal biopsy to assess Celiac Disease. This eliminates the need for a un-necessary endoscopy procedures.

Pharmacies and Screening Venues

Pharmacists use Simtomax® to provide quick and accurate answers to their customers. Celiac Disease is about what we eat, and the awareness of the disease is increasing at fast pace in the population. If patients present some symptoms that could be related to Celiac Disease, they may visit their Pharmacist to know their status. Simtomax® provides Pharmacists with a lab-accurate test, allowing them to screen the patients and recommend them the most appropriate follow-up, including visiting a doctor if the test is positive.

Hospitals and Clinics

Laboratory managers in hospitals, private clinics or private laboratories use Simtomax® to provide quick and reliable analysis. Most small and medium laboratories do not handle celiac diagnostic themselves, and send the samples to external, larger, laboratories. With Simtomax®, they can provide their prescriber with a first, reliable indication.